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I am performing searches on specific topics for information published after 2000. As I complete each search, I will add information or write an update section on that topic and place it within this web site. I will provide links and information in the Changes/Suggestions sections, in the main index page and in the site map. Where possible, I will provide links to key on-line articles upon which the updates are based and that may contribute additional relevant details. Each update will also include a complete bibliography. In keeping with the theme of  Human Aging: Biological Perspectives, I will emphasize human aging and topics closely related to human aging. These updates will keep you and your students current while still using the present edition.   Return to Main Index   Return to Site Map

I will be working on topics such as the following. 

   Methods and theories about slowing, stopping or reversing general normal aging processes (i.e., anti-aging)

   Methods and theories about slowing, stopping or reversing normal aging in specific body structures and functions

   Mechanisms underlying common age-related diseases

   Methods for slowing, stopping or reversing common age-related diseases

   Changes in information now within the book

   New theories on aging

   Advances in knowledge about human aging not presently addressed within the book

   New research areas not presently addressed within the book

Please send suggestions for other topics and for other updates.

Thanks !!

Augustine G. DiGiovanna, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology - Emeritus
Salisbury University
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, MD 21801
E-mail: agdigiovanna@salisbury.edu
Author of:  Human Aging: Biological Perspectives
     The McGraw-Hill Companies. New York, 2000

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