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Augustine DiGiovanna, Ph.D.



Fig. 13.1 Male and female reproductive systems.

Fig. 13.2 Structure of the male reproductive system: (a) Sagittal section of male pelvis. (b) Anterior view of male reproductive system.

Fig. 13.3 Structure of the testes and seminiferous tubules.

Fig. 13.4 Penile structure and erection: (a) Longitudinal section of penis. (b) Cross section of flaccid penis. (c) Cross section of erect penis.


“Sperm release pathway”

Fig. 13.5 Structure of the female reproductive system: (a) Mid-sagittal section of female pelvis. (b) Anterior view of female reproductive system.

Fig. 13.6 Ovarian structure, follicle development, and ovulation.

Fig. 13.7 Female external genitalia.

Fig. 13.8 Structure of a breast: (a) Sagittal section. (b) Internal anatomy.