Fig. 3.4 Bedsores (a) Common locations (b) Stages (Source of images and text below. Used with permission.)

(a) Common locations  


For graphic photos, see the following, which may be disturbing.



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Source of images and text. Used with permission.

Description         Deutsch: Körperstellen, an denen ein Dekubitus leicht entstehen kann

English: Body locations where a pressure ulcer can easily arise

Date                           7 November 2015

Source                       Own work

Author                      S.raeder


Stages I to IV of a pressure ulcer

Description         English: Scheme of the four bedsore pressure ulcer stages.

  Epidermis,   Dermis,   Subcutaneous tissue,   Muscle,   Bone,   Skin inflammation,   Blister,   Necrosis,   Fibrin

Date                    2 April 2008

Source               travail personnel / own work - adaptation en SVG de l'image publiée sous licence GNU 1.2 / SVG from image released under GNU 1.2 licence :画像:Jokuso.png

Author               Nanoxyde

Other versions画像:Jokuso.png

Modified: A.G.DiGiovanna
Added labels and lines

Description         English: Stages of wound in pressure ulcerفارسی: مراحل زخم فشاری یا زخم بستر

مازِرونی: مراحل پلی مال زخم

Date                                             30 December 2012, 15:43:58

Source                                        Own work

Author                                        Babagolzadeh

Description                                                                          Latina: Decubitus

Source                                                                                   Own work

Author                                                                                  AfroBrazilian

Description                                      English: Decubitus of left hip region.

Source                                               Own work

Author                                              AfroBrazilian

Description   English: Decubitus of sacral region with deep defection, tissue granulation, infection and fibrosis. Arround skin maceration.

Source            Own work

Author            AfroBrazilian

Description                                English: Photo of decubitus with ischium protruding

Date                                              7 May 2008

Source                                         Own work (Original text: self-made)

Author                                         Noles1984 (talk) 15:45, 7 May 2008 (UTC)

Other versions                          Only available version

Description                       English: An illustration depicting pressure ulcer sites.

Date                                    18 July 2017

Source                                Own work

Author                                BruceBlaus