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” The U.S. Joins Other Countries With Large Aging Populations”


Watch the video. It explains and shows the changing age pyramids, including the “baby boomers” bump and the “millennials” bump, which is the next wave of elders. It includes information about changes in the ratios of older women to older men.

It includes information about changes in the ratios of older women to older men.


The graphs in this article show the “baby boomers” and the dramatic increases in elders in numbers rather than percentages of the population.



“Demographic Turning Points for the United States: Population Projections for 2020 to 2060

Population Estimates and Projections”

Current Population Reports

By Jonathan Vespa, Lauren Medina, and David M. Armstrong


March 2018

Revised February 2020


US Census Bureau 2020 census information is at US Census Bureau Reports - 2020 and 2017 .



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