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A bank of test questions based on the book's learning objectives and lecture notes are available to bona fide instructors.

Verification may be required before test questions are sent by E-mail. To obtain a sample or to request questions for specific chapters, use E-mail to contact the author at agdigiovanna@Salisbury.edu  Include full name, title, department, institution, and office phone number.

See Permission for use and copyright

The test bank questions are all short answer questions that require students to write a word, a short phrase, or a few sentences to answer each question. To make up a test, choose some questions according to what you do in class and with assignments. Number the questions. Use letters to label subsections of questions having several parts. To make grading easier, put all the questions on question sheets and also prepare answer sheet forms with blanks and spaces numbered to coincide with the questions. Use two columns on the answer sheet forms. Allow enough space on the answer sheet forms for reasonable answers for each question. Allow students who need more space to write on the back of the answer sheet forms, also. By using an answer sheet form, grading is more efficient. You can place your answer key answer sheet form next to the students' answer sheet forms for quick grading. To preserve the future usefulness of the test bank questions, students sign and turn in the question sheets and the answer sheets. You can make a copy of the questions available to the students when you return the graded papers, but do not allow students to copy it.

An answer sheet might look like this. 

Biology XXX                                                                 Name _____________________________
Test X                                                                           Spring 2000

1.a.1.__________________________________        9.a.

      2.__________________________________          b.

    b.___________________________________          c.

   c.1.__________________________________          d.

      2.__________________________________          e.

2.a.____________________________________       10.



4.                                                                                 11.a.

5.a.____________________________________          b.


   c.____________________________________       12.a.________________________________

6.a.____________________________________            b.________________________________

_______________________________________           c.________________________________

   b.____________________________________        13.________________________________

_______________________________________        14.________________________________

7.a.                                                                                 15.a._______________________________

   b.____________________________________             b._______________________________

   c.1.__________________________________         16.




8.a.____________________________________        17.a.


   c.____________________________________           b.


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