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Normal Pancreas 

As you study this slide, note that scattered amongst the pink staining glandular cells are scattered foci of lighter staining cells. The cells staining dark pink are the cells of the exocrine pancreas, which produce digestive enzymes. The scattered lighter foci are called the Islets of Langerhans and they form the endocrine pancreas which makes 2 hormones involved in maintaining blood glucose levels.   

Normal pancreas (100X2.0)
Light patches are islets of Langerhans. Darker
regions are enzyme-producing cells.

Diabetic Pancreas  

In this slide, there appear to be fewer glandular cells and more connective tissue throughout the pancreas. It is very difficult to find a recognizable Islet of Langerhans. See if you can find one.

Diabetic pancreas (100X2.0)

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