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Normal Kidney Cortex

The cortex or outer region of the kidney contains the glomeruli and Bowman's capsules where filtration occurs and the proximal and distal convoluted tubules where reabsorption and secretion take place. Note the even appearance of the glomeruli and tubules.   

Kidney Cortex (40X2.0)                                                                   Kidney Cortex (100X2.8) 
Glomeruli appear as round solid speckled structures. Each is surrounded by a clear space. 
The round cross sections of tubules fill the regions between glomeruli. Each tubule an open center.

Kidney Cortex (400X1.6)                                                                   Glomerulus (400X2.8) 
Note the numerous dark blue nuclei of the cells                     Note the numerous dark blue nuclei of the 
making up this glomerulus. The opening from the                 glomerular cells. Observe the capillaries containing 
Bowman's capsule of this glomerulus to the                           red RBCs, which have no nuclei.
proximal convoluted tubule can be seen at the top 
of the capsule.

Normal Kidney Medulla

The medulla or inner region of the kidney contains the loops of Henle and collecting ducts where water reabsorption occurs. Note the even appearance of these structures.

Kidney medulla (100X1.6)                                                                 Kidney medulla (400X2.8) 

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